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FAQs | Embellish Solar Post Caps by Sylvanix:

What is Embellish made of?

Embellish is made of a proprietary formula that includes 80% recycled plastic (High Density Polyethylene, the plastic that is commonly used in plastic bottles).

Is Embellish an environmentally friendly product? 

Embellish re-purposes some of the plastic that people and companies have recycled that might otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. Embellish boards are also long lasting and provide an alternative to wood decking, thereby helping to better manage our forest resources.

Why choose Embellish over wood?

Low-hassle maintenance is one of the primary reasons. Because Embellish delivers excellent durability, there is very little maintenance needed. It will not rot, is much less likely to crack, and never requires staining or painting. All that is recommended is regular sweeping and the occasional hose-down and/or power wash.

Does Embellish have a warranty?

Yes, a 25-year prorated warranty is given to the original purchaser of Embellish composite decking.

Is Architectural decking better than Traditional decking?

There is no quality difference. Traditional deck boards are for people who like the traditional method of installation using stainless steel deck screws through the top surface of the boards. Today deck screws come in colors to closely match the board color to help them blend in. Architectural deck boards use Pro Clip fasteners which hide the screws between the boards for a cleaner appearance.

Will Embellish deck board colors fade in the sun?

Daily exposure to sunlight will cause deck board colors to lighten after installation, but only to a lighter tone of the base color, which will last for years unlike some lower quality composites that can quickly fade to almost gray.

Do Embellish deck boards expand and contract like wood?

Yes, all composite materials expand and contract with temperature changes.

What do you mean when you say Embellish decking is stain resistant?

The Embellish cap coating is very hard, but like almost all surfaces it is not completely non-porous. Staining happens when spills work their way into the pores of the surface. So while it takes much longer for this to happen on Embellish decking, it can still happen if the spill is left on too long. We recommend wiping up spills within an hour, which prevents most common spills like ketchup, barbecue sauce, and cooking oils from leaving a stain.

Is Embellish slip resistant?

Embellish deck boards are produced with an embossed natural wood grain finish that provides adequate slip resistance for safe use in horizontal surface applications under most conditions. As with any outdoor material, icy conditions or the buildup of grime will cause the surface to become slippery.

What comes in a box of Pro Clips for Embellish Architectural decking?

One box includes 100 black Pro Clips with 100 black-coated screws already started in the clips for easy installation (the screws are CA & ACQ compatible), two drill bits, and an installation guide.

How will saltwater affect Embellish products?

Embellish products are perfect for saltwater climate installations. Saltwater will have no effect on them.

Can I use Embellish for the surface of a boat dock?

Yes, Embellish boards are ideal for docks, marina, and boardwalk applications.

Can I power wash my deck?

Yes, you can wash your deck with a power washier. To avoid damaging the decking, use a fan tip nozzle and spray in the direction of the grain pattern, with a maximum pressure of 2000 psi.

Do I need to hire a contractor to install Embellish?

A contractor is not required if you are familiar with general construction methods. If you have never installed a composite decking, read the installation guide before starting, as there are some deck framing modifications required. Also, if you are not familiar with using hidden fastener clips, the installation guide will explain the proper way to use them.

Where can I purchase Embellish decking?

Email us at sales@sylvanixopi.com and we will let you know where there is a retail store near you. If there is not, we will contact a retailer in your area and talk to them about stocking Embellish decking.

Can high winds cause composite decking to whistle? 

In some situations, high winds can cause composite decking installed with clip systems to make a whistling sound. The whistle is caused by air moving rapidly under the deck then up between the boards and across the boards’ installation clip grooves. For this reason, we recommend using Embellish Traditional deck boards in locations prone to high winds. Embellish Architectural boards can be used if steps are taken to prevent winds from flowing under the deck or through the deck boards. You can prevent wind from flowing under the deck by using solid fascia panels around the deck. You can also prevent wind from flowing up through the deck boards by using an under-deck waterproofing system. Either approach will work.

Is any wiring required?

No. The energy source is two rechargeable batteries, so they can be installed independently at any location as long as they get full sun for a good part of the day.

How much light do they put out?

Embellish solar caps do use two LED bulbs whereas some brands use only one. So they do provide enough light for most people to see in the immediate vicinity on dark evenings, but they are not meant to be a primary light source. The closest comparison would be candlelight. They are most often used as a décor accent and for mood lighting.

Can you replace the rechargeable batteries?

Yes you can. Any hardware or home improvement store will be able to match the type of batteries for you.

What is white LED light?

There are blue and white LED bulbs. Blue bulbs give off a slightly blue light while white bulbs produce a whiter light.