Embellish Decking is Hassle-Free

Embellish decking is low maintenance

Hassle free maintenance, easy on your lifestyle

If you’re going to build a deck, the last thing you want is a deck that will require as much time taking care of it as you spend enjoying it. Outdoor living spaces should provide a place to escape and relax. Embellish Decking makes this possible. It not only looks so good you’ll want to spend more time outside, it almost takes care of itself – for at least 20 years.

The special formulation of our composite material makes Embellish Deck Boards very dense, hard and durable. Add the even harder cap overlay and you get a board that resists scratching, stains and decay. It’s a fact that all outdoor materials can scratch. Even hardwood floors and stone can scratch when objects with rough or sharp edges are pulled across the surface. With Embellish, it takes a lot of pressure to really mar the surface, and when it does happen, the embossed texture and embedded coloring of the overlay makes those scratches hardly noticeable. With this in mind, care should be taken not to drag deck furniture or any heavy object across your deck.

Similar to scratching, staining is something that can happen on most natural surfaces. If spills are left on any porous surface long enough it is more likely to leave a stain. So even though Embellish is very hard and resistant to staining, it is still a good practice to wipe up spills as soon as possible.

Whether you’re building a deck in a wet, frigid Northwest climate or in the dry heat of a Southwestern desert, Embellish Capped Composite Decking consistently outperforms pine, cedar and other non-capped composites. This means less work for you. Never again will you have to waste a nice weekend sanding, sealing, staining or refinishing your deck.

The little bit of care we do recommend is as simple as a regular sweep to keep dirt particles from building up and grinding into the deck surface and dulling or marring its finish. To further ensure your deck finish looks good for all those years, an occasional hose down or power wash will clean up anything the broom leaves behind. No more lost weekends sanding, painting or staining.

Sylvanix Embellish Architectural Premium Capped Composite Deck