Embellish Post Caps



Sylvanix Embellish Post Caps

The finishing touch that gives you protection, style and ambiance

Post caps are great for hiding irregular or out of square post ends and help to prevent moisture from rotting the tops of your posts. More importantly, they improve the look and feel of your deck. Embellish post caps provide the perfect finishing design touch while still protecting the great deck you’ve just built.

Embellish Solar Post Caps
The soft glow of a solar-powered post cap sets the mood for a relaxing or romantic evening on your deck. Embellish solar post caps’ lights utilize LED (light emitting diode) technology to provide light. LED bulbs are a highly efficient source of light compared to other types of bulbs and rarely need to be replaced. On average, an LED will last approximately 100,000 hours or more.

Embellish Cedar Post Caps
Clear cedar is machined to produce quality, well-crafted molded edges, and corners are securely glued to last. Installation is as simple as applying exterior caulk to the inside of the cap before placing on the post or using galvanized finish nails. As with any outdoor wood product, we recommend coating them with a good quality exterior wood finish (use as directed).

Sylvanix Post Caps