Embellish Solar Post Caps



Sylvanix Embellish Solar Post Caps

Embellish Solar Post Caps add ambiance to your deck

The soft glow of a solar-powered post cap sets the mood for a relaxing or romantic evening on your deck. Embellish solar post caps’ lights utilize LED (light emitting diode) technology to provide light. LED bulbs are a highly efficient source of light compared to other types of bulbs and rarely need to be replaced. On average, an LED will last approximately 100,000 hours or more.

Unlike some solar post caps, ours have two white LED bulbs to provide more light and multiple solar panels to increase efficiency. There are also two replaceable rechargeable batteries, so you won’t need to replace your post caps as often as some of our competitors.

All that’s required to install your solar post caps is an area that gets a full day of direct sunlight. Do not install in shady areas. The solar panels should receive a minimum of eight hours of sunlight per day for optimal performance at night. Make sure the location is not near nighttime light sources such as streetlights or porch lights. If these other sources of light are bright enough, they may cause the photocell to turn the post cap fixture off. Solar post caps work independently of each other. No wiring is necessary. They may be installed as far apart as needed.

You might also want to try our solar bug zapper. It’s an attractive and energy efficient way to enjoy your evening and keep the bugs at bay.

Solar Features & Benefits

  • Durable Plastic Cap
  • Powered by Solar Panels
  • Two White LED Bulbs
  • Two Rechargeable Batteries
  • No Wiring Necessary
  • Rich Finishes
  • Elegant Design
  • Installation Screws Included